Kenyans are urged to assemble outside Parliament Buildings on Tuesday, July 2 to help #StopVATBill2013 from 10am.

Please come and have your voice heard against imposing additional tax on food and other essential commodities. How does the Kenya government waste Sh100M on renovating a house for Deputy President William Samoei Ruto? 

Why would the government spend spend Sh700M on an office former President Kibaki does not need and may never visit;

Why would the same government spend over Sh40M on deporting a Nigerian drug warlord;

Yes, much as they are they important, why would any one prioritize Sh53B on laptops Standard pupils may easily turn into stools especially in the rural areas?;

Why would billions go to waste as VIPs engage on endless and meaningless foreign trips? More important, why would the President Uhuru Kenyatta government the poor to support excessive luxuries?

Why does International Monetary Fund behave as if Kenya is not a sovereign state?

Please pass this message to at least 10 people and ask them to come to a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday. Also do speak to your MP against voting for the VAT Bill 2013.

On matters of food, it doesn't matter the imaginary political boundaries which often divide us. Lets us save "Wanjiku" (the poor) from starvation

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