I am a parent at Kilimani Junior Academy. On the eve of Thursday October 17, 2013 My son had a fight with one of the other students on the Kilimani Junior school bus. 

I received a phone call from the child’s parent at 5.36pm informing me of the unfortunate incidence and I assured her that i would look into the issue. 

I spoke to one of the teachers who was at the time chaperoning the Phenom bound school bus, she confirmed the incidence and i informed her that i would be visiting the school the following day to discuss the matter further. 

It is on Friday morning October 18, 2013 that i visited the school office to speak to the head teacher. On arrival i found the head teacher on phone. As i sat on the chair in her office waiting for her to finish her call, she paused and sent me out. I left the office and patiently stood outside the office door. 

Once she was done with the telephone conversation i once again went into the office and sat on the same chair she had asked me to leave. She rudely picked up her phone and made another telephone call as i sat on the sit and waited.


#2 peter 2016-01-17 09:16
if this happened it is very unfortunate. a teacher or any other service provider should have Courtesy.
#1 George K 2015-11-18 13:08
How did this end? I am potential parent and would like to know how this ended?
Unfortunately, one of my friends also told me they once visited the school as potential clients but were treated to bad attitude.

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