I am a parent at Kilimani Junior Academy. On the eve of Thursday October 17, 2013 My son had a fight with one of the other students on the Kilimani Junior school bus. 

I received a phone call from the child’s parent at 5.36pm informing me of the unfortunate incidence and I assured her that i would look into the issue. 

I spoke to one of the teachers who was at the time chaperoning the Phenom bound school bus, she confirmed the incidence and i informed her that i would be visiting the school the following day to discuss the matter further. 

It is on Friday morning October 18, 2013 that i visited the school office to speak to the head teacher. On arrival i found the head teacher on phone. As i sat on the chair in her office waiting for her to finish her call, she paused and sent me out. I left the office and patiently stood outside the office door. 

Once she was done with the telephone conversation i once again went into the office and sat on the same chair she had asked me to leave. She rudely picked up her phone and made another telephone call as i sat on the sit and waited.

This made me very furious, however once she was done i informed her the reason for my visit and requested if i could speak to the discipline master on the matter regarding my son and the fight he had with one of the students. 

The head teacher did not mince her words as she lashed out at me on entering her office while she was on phone. She made it clear that the matter pertaining the two children was on her desk and if i did not want to deal with her then i should get out of her office. 

It is at this point that my brother who had accompanied me to the  school intervened and requested that we leave. With the matter still unresolved and as a parent having taken time off work i insisted that there was need for me to speak to someone. 

The head teacher was quick to tell me to find his class teacher as she was sure i knew where the class was. I then left the office wondering if that indeed was the head teacher of an institution where our children spend most of their time. 

I found the class teacher and spoke to her about the that my son had the previous day and she informed me that the matter was in the head teachers office. It is at this point that i felt it would be very unfortunate if the same rude, angry  and unprofessional person would be the one dealing with my son who is only 9 years old. He would never be treated as the child he is. 

As a parent i am considering the option of finding another school as i feel this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and the relationship between us (parents) and the school administration may never be the same again. 

For the sake of our children and other parents i would like to request the that you look into this issue to avoid the repeat of such an unfortunate incidence where the teachers show minimum or if any respect to the Parents. 

If this is the case then we can only imagine what our children go through? 


Mercy Khasiani-Omoke, parent

Cofek comment: Kilimani Junior Academy will have a right of reply if they choose to do so.


#2 peter 2016-01-17 09:16
if this happened it is very unfortunate. a teacher or any other service provider should have Courtesy.
#1 George K 2015-11-18 13:08
How did this end? I am potential parent and would like to know how this ended?
Unfortunately, one of my friends also told me they once visited the school as potential clients but were treated to bad attitude.

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