Spirited attempts, last week, by suspended National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK) MD Ms Sumayya Athmani-Hassan to anticipate a sack and clear herself before any accusation against her - was an act of blackmail against the Government of Kenya and the NOCK board of directors in particular, Cofek can now reveal.

Ms Sumayya was recently sent on compulsory leave to allow for the board to investigate various losses and related governance challenges at the institution.

The well-orchestrated and financed mainstream and social media campaign dubbed #JusticeForSummaya nearly succeeded on various falsehoods;

Firstly, that Ms Sumayya was a victim and not a performer and a performer. The victim theory spin-doctors exploited her female gender, muslim faith and being a minority in terms of ethnicity.

Talk of the NOCK board being dominated by members of two Kenyan communities, while a clear evil, had a weak link to Ms Sumayya's troubles.

It evoked huge emotional support though - especially from anti-Jubilee Government elements.

Secondly, Ms Sumayya and her supporters painted her, rather casually, as a performer and one with a legacy on fighting corruption. Again, there was no evidence that she either realized NOCK mandate of stabilizing fuel prices or a demonstrated record in fighting corruption.

That was until #TeamCofek shared factual evidence to the contrary.

When a section of the Board of NOCK petitioned PS over her mismanagement of the institution

How Ms Sumayya frustrated her legal officer Mwangi Gachuba for rejecting certain procurements

When PPOA stopped her from single-sourcing a transaction advisor for NOCK

2013 NOCK management letter from KPMG which raises numerous "significant deficiencies"



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