President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses Jubilee wing of Parliment on July 2, to drum up support for the VAT Bill 2013

The Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek) delegation will tomorrow noon, June 16, be at Parliament to make a presentation on the contentious VAT Bill 2013.

Members of the Committee on Finance, Planning and Trade chaired by Mr Benjamin Lang'at will be at Continental House to hear the Cofek petition.

Cofek presentation will come after Kenya Bankers Association and Kenya Airways presentations.

State House has twice hosted a meeting of Jubilee MP's to drum up support for the Bill.

Elsewhere Treasury and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) hosted a 2-day special seminar for MP's, saying the Bill is good in the "long-term".

Cofek will seek to persuade MP's to avoid looking at the Bill in isolation, as a political tool and move down from the high echelons of the Treasury and IMF theories to the practical poverty industry that Kenya is fast degenerating into.


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