First, there is need for a master plan for establishing and modernizing an integrated real time register of details from birth to death. This would encompass a register of births, citizenship, marriages and deaths.

Second, an appropriate IT infrastructure for managing the register. To require such a system to work well requires the fiber optic cabling will be done across the country, there will be electricity and

Third, a carefully selected working group, at the national and county government levels, for the conservation and digitization of historical documents relating to the registration of births, marriages and deaths and their transfer and uploading into the new system.

The basis of information for registration need to be broadened significantly, both quantitatively and qualitatively, by the integration of historical data.

Fourth, there would be need to ensure that standards for providing services relating to the registration of births, citizenship marriages and deaths are defined and linked to the extent possible.

If not carefully handled, the proposed project has all the draping of a mega scandal. It is a project that must not politicized and rushed especially determining the specifications and subsequent procurement.

It doesn't have to go to China or India, like the troubled standard gauge railway and laptops for schools projects.


"This entire re-registration issue is a little hazy - if the register we have now is has inaccurate data, how will we ascertain who is or who isn't a citizen? Are we then saying that we will give citizenship to anyone who is a citizen? How will people prove citizenship? If we'll give citizenship to anyone, what's the point of the audit?  

"Additionally, the problem is that immigration officials have repeatedly poisoned the well - however, nobody has been fired, so what's to prevent them from doing this again? In fact, what's to prevent them from viewing this re-registration as a windfall that will allow even more illegal aliens to be registered?", Phares Kariuki, Courtesy: Kictanet 

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