I wish to inform you that on 25th August, 2020 I requested Liquid Telecommunications Kenya Ltd to install WIMAX to provide 5 mbps. (TICKET NO: [HAI-152499] New installation).

The installation was successfully done after paying all related costs including the monthly subscription and an Account Number was given as HAIK 110555.

Immediately after the installation, I noticed that the internet was very slow because the children were having trouble to connect to the online classes and loading webpage would take longer. I called Liquid Telecommunications Kenya Ltd line +254205000000 and raised complaints (see call logs for 7 th September at 12:57, 15:13, 16:23;on 9 th September at 16:13, on 2 nd October at 10:30, 11:01, 12:37, 12:44, 13:07; on 13 th October 14:00; on 14 th October at 20:35; and on 17 th October at 20:57.

In all cases, the customer support team kept on informing that they were resolving the problem and they admitted that the problem was on Liquid Telecommunications Kenya Ltd side. The internet speeds were too low than 5 mbps as agreed in the Contract.

In order for me to make these complaints in writing I decided to follow up the phone calls by sending 3 emails in the following order: (i) the first email I sent it on Friday 2 nd October at 9:55AM and there was no response to it. I checked the speeds again and noticed that they were even going down every time I raised the complaints; (ii) I decided to send my second email on the same date at 10:06PM; and (iii) third email at 12:51PM.

As you can see from my call logs, after the date of 2nd October 2020 (when I did sent the emails), I made follow up calls on 13th October, 14th October, and 17th October. These call logs do not include the several calls made by my wife within and after the mentioned dates.

From the foregoing, it is clear that if one client can keep on calling the support center in frequencies like those, it’s very clear that there must be a problem with the services being offered. Please note that by calling support center every time, we are using our own airtime and differing productive time, which could be used for other productive activities.

In addition, because the service being offered is a pre-paid, it means that Liquid Telecommunications Kenya Ltd has the money upfront and are already investing that money in other areas of their portfolio while at the same time, they are not giving me the services I have paid for.

If you carefully review the emails I sent, my major complaint was that the service which we had agreed with Liquid Telecommunications Kenya Ltd was for them to provide me with internet speed of Five Megabits Per Seconds (5 mbps). Instead, the speeds I have been receiving are extremely very low despite the fact that I have been fully paying for the agreed speeds (please see invoices and receipts attached for ease of reference).

By Liquid Telecommunications Kenya Ltd providing me with very low internet speeds, they have at the same time been disabling my children online learning, which results meant that I am incurring huge costs to pay for their school online classes and I am not getting the value of the services.

The action of Liquid Telecommunications Kenya Ltd is therefore having spiral effect on other areas that require internet services. 10. Even as I write this letter, the problem is the same and it may remain the same without this complaint letter.

Having raised these complaints through the support team and noticing that nothing has improved and probably no action will ever be undertaken to aver the situation, I decided to escalate my complaint to your office for appropriate action to remedy this underservice against the Contract.

If nothing will not have been done after fourteen (14) days, I will have no other way but to seek redress from other competent authorities within the Republic of Kenya. (M.A Tola)

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