Good evening Cofek. I'm Mavin Mabonga a student at Technical University of Mombasa and a subscriber on Nation Media Group (NMG) daily e-papers.

I happen to have registered with the NMG and I've been paying them before I get their daily e-papers.

There was this day that they came from Nairobi to my home in Bungoma county. They then arrested me claiming that I had hacked into their systems and shared their papers illegally of which I don't know how I hacked their systems.

They went ahead and published the same on their paper being the 'Daily Nation' of May 5, 2020 on page 9.

This has brought fear on my side because they have already sentenced me as well as tarnished my name. I am sure when we resume our normal schooling the administration may suspend me because of the name NMG has branded me (hacker).

At the behest of NMG, police took me from my home on April 30 and detained me at Kimilili Police Station cells before transferring me to Industrial Area Police cell on May 2.

They were to take me to court on May 4 but they failed until I was released on a police bail. It's my uncle who has been helping me over this issue because I have no one to help me out.

I only have a single parent, that is my mother. She is advanced in age. At the moment, she doesn't know what is happening. So this has brought fear to me. I am scared of my safety and my online documents.

I don't know how they happened to trace me and arrest me without my knowledge. They have infringed my rights and tarnished my name. I can't attend our normal online classes because of the same issues.

I have nobody else to help me because of the orphan status. I am sure my uncle alone can't help me get over this.

I therefore humbly request Cofek to help me fight for my rights because NMG and police want to re-arrest me and take me to court on May 25.


NMG right of reply awaited

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