I have a lot of complaints on the above line: 

  1. In September I bought my usual 25GB on this line only for it to finish in 3 days. When I called to enquire I was told that I was using my airtime. I complained bitterly but accepted and moved on.
  2. On 12th October I bought another 25GB that I am not able to use to date. I only manage to use it if I remove the data manager. What are you guys upto?
  3. I have complained literally every week on Twitter only to be asked the very same questions each time, where  are you  browing from? NAIROBI- I am not stationary! I move from home to work which is Riara  Road to Kencom House. What gadget are you using? SAMSUNG A8 Plus that I have been using since I got the line.
  4. My data or rather your data since I cant access it, is due to expire on 11th November and yet I have not been able to use it.

Could you kindly let me know what you want me to do because as soon as this data plan is out I am flashing this line down the toilet because I am fed up of mediocre service and very poor customer service.