On March 10th 2019, I purchased 2 pairs of shoes for my 4 year old from Bata, Westgate Mall, Nairobi.

On March 11th, the child wore one of the pair of shoes to school. within two hours of wear, the shoes straps fell apart.

I returned the shoes to the Bata at Westgate Mall.

They say that they will not refund me my cash, but will repair the same pair of shoes

I have already purchased another pair of shoe for the child from Addidas. This Addidas pair of shoe works fine.

Why must Bata hold me hostage to accept a stitched-up pair of shoe? i would have bought a second hand pair of shoes would I have been looking for a shoe that has been previously stitched up

If the shoe has failed on hour 1 of day 1, why would try it again? I need help in getting my refund. i have returned the shoe (Andrew)