I would like to raise my frustration with Jumia Kenya. I made an order with them on 16th May 2018 for a stand alone cooker and a gas hosepipe that they promised to deliver by 19th May 2018. 

Jumia Kenya made me prepay for the order for an amount of Kshs 17,119 for account WG703339K. ORDER NO 305525528. I have the following complaints:

  1. No one from the company made any contact to confirm the order and I had to call them to inquire if the order had been received.
  2. After several follow ups from my end, they assured me that I will be receiving my orders.latest by Tuesday 22nd May 2018 and this is only after I called them on 18th May 2018.
  3. On 19th May 2018 they delivered the hosepipe WITHOUT the stand alone cooker
  4. I did a follow up on 21st May 2018 on the status of my order only for them to claim that they are unable to fulfill my order since its out of stock and they had subsequently cancelled my order. 

In view of the above, I asked them to refund my money as they had already reneged on the contract which stated that the deliveries will be made LATEST 19th May 2018 only for them to state that i will be receiving my refund on Wednesday 23rd may 2018. 

This is a whole week after I made the order. I have the following complaints;  

  1. Jumia Kenya did not call to confirm that they had received the order although this is what they have stated as the normal procedure.
  2. Jumia Kenya dishonored the terms pf our contract which stated that I will receive my items by latest 19th May 2018.
  3. Jumia Kenya made me prepay for an order they were not sure they can deliver.
  4. Jumia Kenya Cancelled my order without prior consultation with me and I only got to know of the same after I called them.
  5. Jumia Kenya have not refunded my money immediately even after holding on to my order for longer than the agreed timeline of 2-3 days. 

Cofek, kindly assist me on the following issues

  1. Jumia Kenya to refund my money immediately
  2. Jumia Kenya be stopped from asking buyers to prepay for orders they are not certain to fulfill.
  3. Jumia Kenya be made to pay for damages they have caused me through delay of delivery and delay of cash refund 

I will appreciate your assistance and response on this issue.

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