AFP - A long-running corruption scandal in South Africa has embroiled President Jacob Zuma, senior ministers and the wealthy Indian Gupta brothers -- but now Zuma's own son has taken centre-stage.

Duduzane Zuma, a 35-year-old businessman with a playboy reputation, is alleged to be the key contact between his father and the Gupta family, who are accused of wielding undue influence over the government.

Duduzane says he first met the Guptas at his father's house in the early 2000s.

He was soon employed as a trainee in the Gupta family business before rising rapidly to become a director of one of their companies -- at the same time as his father rose to power in 2009.

Duduzane Zuma has tried to keep a low profile, but this week he became the focus of rowdy parliamentary clashes as Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) opposition lawmakers taunted his father.

They constantly addressed President Zuma in Zulu as "Duduzane's father", mockingly claiming it was a term of respect.

Duduzane also gave a rare television interview, aired on Thursday, saying that he had worked hard to earn promotion to the top of the Gupta business network.

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