Nairobi's Central Police Station, on Sunday, confiscated 12 cartons of "Orijin" African Herbal Spirit suspected to be "counterfeit". 

They also arrested the driver of the EABL branded car KBP661K Mr Patrick Muturi Mirie and released him later after paying a cash bail of Sh50,000.

Originally a Nigerian drink, Orijin was launched in the Kenyan market in March 2015 as an affordable ready to drink (RTD) spirit. It is made by mixing neutral spirits with extracts of herbs (such as sweet koala nuts, ginger, cloves) and sweet tropical fruits.

It is a proprietary blend of over 70 fruits, herbs and spices. The "Orijin" drink is manufactured by the EABL subsidiary UDV Limited. 

The incident was confirmed by police occurrence book entry 46/18/06/2017 and Chief Inspector Washington Mwiti of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Anti-Counterfeit Agency is verifying samples of the drink.  Cofek took samples and verified that the drink was not counterfeit and that it met all Kenya Bureau of Standards requirements on permitting and quality marks.

Cofek assessment concluded that the drink content had been mis-labelled as 250 ml while the bar code readings indicated 330 ml.

EABL top managers were alerted of the variance. Cofek has demanded corrective action.

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