Vivo Energy Kenya, formerly Shell Kenya, has joined who-is-who list of unprofessional firms unwilling to respond to consumer complaints. They simply ignore consumer concerns brought to their attention, with untold impunity.

As a result, Kenyans have many times taken to social media to complain about the current traffic congestion of Shell stations as well as regular complaints of adulterated fuel.

All Shell fillings stations operate as eateries and hotels, which development complicates parking space and traffic into and out of their stations.

The adulteration is often the case of diluting the petrol with diesel or diesel with kerosene. In some cases, especially during rain seasons, water mixes with fuel in their underground tanks. Many consumers have complained on end. 

Their attendants have been involved in shocking crime. Last year, Shell Ridgeways attendant was caught by police for skimming credit card details of a motorist who had issued the same for payment.

Cofek, has since, issued a red alert to consumers to exercise extreme discretion when making payments with their cards at the Shell petrol stations. 

Consumers have heaped pressure on Cofek asking the Federation and the regulator to act on the public outcry on one of most unresponsive companies engaging in fraudulent activities while ignoring consumer responses.

The company, of late, has taken up celebrity journalists with huge social media following to support its' online campaigns as a way of overshadowing the list of complaints from Kenyans.

The Energy Regulatory Commission has consistently published the Vivo Energy stations for selling substandard products and adulterated fuel.

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