Dear Your Excellency,

We trust that this open letter finds you well and in and in high spirits. We highly appreciate the stability in your Government and especially for the great gains on national security save for the resurgent Kapedo killings.

Allow us to humbly address you on the high cost of living which may have, in part and beyond impending elections, informed your increment of lowest wage earners by 18 per cent.

With respect, however, increment in allowances which hardly match the steep and rising cost of living is a drop in the ocean in achieving sustainable livelihoods of hungry and increasingly angry Kenyans.

In any case, the very move of increasing the minimum wages will push up further unemployment. The employers are equally not cushioned from the reality of unstable and even unsustainable markets.

The high cost of living is unbearable for majority Kenyans and the Government must move with speed to stem further surge. The cost of fast moving consumer goods like flour, milk, sugar and bread is excessive.

In the public domain, the government is doing little or nothing in cushioning the public from the harsh reality of the unprecedented high cost of living.

The prevailing sorry situation calls for urgent intervention from yourself. Lest you forget, your government was elected on a platform of cutting the cost of living. Nearly 5 years later, Kenyans are more poorer and paying, on average double or triple, the cost of key commodities.

Recall words of Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General Mr Wilson Sossion in his Labour Day address directed to you – “it is much easier for Kenyans to access you but not (most) of your Cabinet Secretaries”.

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