We have been made aware of the public petition which was presented today 25th October 2016 in The National Assembly, Eleventh Parliament (Fourth Session) by Honourable Jude Njomo MP for Kiambu Constituency on allegations of violation of labour laws and tax evasion by Bidco Africa Limited.

In the spirit of transparency and in the interest of all our stakeholders, we wish to state the following facts:

  • We WELCOME any inquiry into our Company because our conscience is clear and we have NOTHING to hide at all. All our dealings are above board and compliant with the law and our ethos is enhancing Happy Healthy Living and creating sustainable employment.
  • We are a PROUDLY Kenyan company and we honour all our obligations to our stakeholders and our country at large.
  • We continue to pay and have always paid all our due taxes.
  • The allegations on Bidco made in the petition are FALSE and lack merit. We very much look forward to presenting THE TRUTH and opening our doors to Members of Parliament to prove that these allegations are false and with malicious intent.
  • We are saddened that the petition made it to the Parliament with unnamed petitioners. Why the secrecy? Why are there no names?
  • The petitioners expressly state in the petition that none of the matters canvassed are “pending before any court of law or any constitutional and legal body.” This is MANIFESTLY FALSE AND MISLEADING.
  • The petitioners (if any) are not FORTHRIGHT with the National Assembly: The fact is that these ARE matters pending hearing and determination in the Kenyan Courts.
  • The FACT is that we employ over 1,600 employees in Kenya and NONE of them are on a casual basis.
  • We continue to comply with all the laws governing employment and labour relations and there are clear grievance handling procedures within our company.
  • We operate on an 8 hour three shift system.
  • We are an ISO 18000 certified Organisation confirming that we comply with Occupational Health and Safety Rules and Regulations and standards.
  • We have a recognised Union as well and have fully implemented the Collective Bargaining Agreement for handling member issues.
  • We are also an ISO 14001 certified organisation confirming that we are complying with all environmental laws.
  • We reiterate that we are a Socially Responsible Corporate that is transparent and open to factual scrutiny based on clear values and intention to improve ourselves everyday on a continual basis. 

Vimal Shah, 25th October 2016

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