Kenya Power Managing Director Dr Ben Chumo (pictured) has asked Cofek to apologize over its' website and social media postings or proceed to court on defamation charges.

In a letter signed by his lawyers Hamilton Harrison & Mathews (HHM), Dr Chumo and KPLC gave Cofek 3 days, from yesterday, to apologize and further compensate them for the "injury to their reputation and feelings, as to which we invite your proposals".

"Our clients' constitutional rights to have their dignity and reputation respected and protected as provided by Articles 28 and 33(3) of the Constitution of Kenya have been infringed", said Mr Kiragu Kimani for the HHM.

On its part, Cofek has declined to apologize on various grounds. It has instead offered a concession as a demonstration of its' goodwill. 

Cofek has temporarily unpublished the contentious article in which questions were raised on the multi-billion transformers acquired by KPLC.

The Federation further argues " ... that prior to our publication of the said article, our frantic telephone calls and text messages (of October 25 to 28, 2015) to both telephone lines of the said Dr Ben Chumo were not, have not been and may not be responded to in the near future – in regard to the clarification we sought". 

Should Dr Chumo proceed to Court "... we will defend ourselves to the hilt and in any Court of Law" said Cofek Secretary General Mr Stephen Mutoro in a 3 page response to KPLC lawyers.

Cofek today trended a pro-KPLC hashtag #KenyaPowerIsBestFor and an overwhelming majority still gave a negative verdict on the appeal and consumer satisfaction .



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