Following public pressure, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has grudgingly acted on the lead-poisoned Nestle "Maggi" noodles.

Director, Quality Assurance and Inspection Mr. John Abongs has called Cofek and informed that a verbal recall was issued in the morning and followed with a meeting at which Nestle team was asked to recall the product from the market and make returns of the same. We followed with an email. 

Asked why it had taken long to act since the story of Maggi noodles broke in India in mid May, 2015 Mr Abongs said "I have been on leave".

Mr Abongs further said that tests results on samples (provided by Nestle and KEBS own from the market) will be ready by close of business of today.

Nakumatt, Naivas and Tuskys supermarkets heeded to Cofek'scall for voluntary withdrawal of the product that remains a threat to lives of millions of Kenya's children.

Meanwhile the Nestle Kenya team has requested for an "urgent meeting" with Cofek. Through a Dr Kinyua, Nestle said it wishes to "explain" itself on the Maggi product.

Cofek today notified the Industrialization Secretary Mr Adan Mohammed of the need for immediate change of leadership at KEBS for the slow reaction. 

Chief Public Health Officer on Monday evening called Cofek to alert that a seizure directive on all Maggi noodles has been issued