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In exercise of the power conferred by section 42(2) of the National Police Service Act, the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Co-ordination of Nation Government issues the following Guidelines known as - THE GUIDELINES ON THE CONDUCT OF BUSINESS OF COUNTY POLICING AUTHORITY, 2014 

1. These Guidelines may be cited as the National Police Service (Conduct of Business of the County Policing Authority) Guidelines, 2014

2.  In these Guidelines, unless the context otherwise requires-

“Act” means the County Police Service Act.

“Authority means the County Policing Authority established in each county pursuant to section 41 of the Act.

3. (I) In the Conduct of the business, the Authority shall respect-

(a) the independent command of the Service of the Inspector General;

(b) the command structure of the Service.

(2) Pursuant to Article 245(4) of the Constitution and section 41 (13) of the act, the Authority while conducting their business shall not interfere with the –

a)  Investigation of any particular offence or offences;

b) Enforcement of the law against any particular person or persons;

c) employment assignment, promotion, suspension or dismissal of any member of the service; or

d) operations of the service.

4(1) Subject to section 42(1), the members of the Authority shall not meet more than twice in every three months.

2) The chairperson shall convene a meeting of the Authority and shall give at least fourteen days notice of the meeting to the members of the Authority.

3) Despite paragraph (2) the chairperson may upon requisition but at least five members, convene a special meeting of the Authority at any time to deal with a specific matter.

 5(1) Subject to section 42(3) the quorum shall include the chairman of the county security committee and the head of the National Police Service appointed by the Inspector- General Pursuant to section 41(1)(b).

(2) Despite paragraph (1), the proceedings of the Authority shall be invalid by reason of a vacancy among the members of the Authority.

 6(1) The chairperson of the Authority or his her absence, the person elected under section 41 (6) shall preside at every meeting of the authority.

(2) in the absence of both the persons specified under paragraph (1), the members shall elect one amongst their number.

 (3) without prejudice to paragraph (1) and (2,) the persons elected under section 41(6) or paragraph (2) shall have all the powers of the chairperson with respect to the particular meeting including the business transacted at that meeting.

 7. unless a unanimous decision is reached, a decision on any matter before the authority shall be by more than a half of the votes of the members present and voting , and in the case of an equality of votes the chairperson or the person presiding shall have a casting vote.

8. (1)the chairperson and members of the Authority shall take cognizance of and ensure confidentiality required in handling and dealing with classified information being held by the authority.

 (2)the provisions of section 48 relating to access to information shall apply to information being held by the Authority.

 3) For purpose of these Guidelines, the laws relating to classified information shall apply.

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