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CC: COFEK Official(s)
CC: Bob Collymore
CC: Nzioka Waita
CC: Advantage Customer Care
CC: Lavender Properties

Good Morning

I am an extremely dissatisfied Safaricom customer who instead of keeping quiet will choose to address my complaint to you as Communications Authority of Kenya.


As you can see in the trail of email below, I have been engaging with Safaricom who instead of addressing customer valid concerns, have done nothing to improve the network quality in Kahawa Wendani and in Kahawa Sukari.

The exact nature of their pathetic network is indicated below.


After I wrote the email on November 14th 2014, an Engineer came to ground visited Matopeni area between Kahawa Sukari and Kahawa Wendani and came to the conclusion that indeed Safaricom network was wanting there due to the nature of construction of buildings in the vicinity.

The Engineer - Samuel Mwanga, has never gotten back to me again.

Pathetic Service

From then no communication, no base station, no new mast, just dropped calls, failure of sms on origination, poor data connections, poor poor poor service.

Fine Safaricom

Can you increase the fine for Safaricom for their poor service to at least 4 - 5% of the amount that was targeted for fines, the amounts earlier proposed were paltry!

By having higher fines, they will be compelled to take service delivery seriously! ( I read about this in the newspapers) these people are not just serious!


Kindly note that when you are driving along the Thika Road Super Highway, there are major call drops at

1. Roysambu
2. Homeland
3. Allsops

So what would be the excuse for these? Buildings? Which ones?

TV Broadcast Licence?

Please dont give Safaricom a TV Broadcast licence (Digital), Let them first focus on exemplary cellular service to their customers which is why they got their licence in the first place.


Kindly curtail this monopoly of Safaricom by ensuring proper service delivery to the customers, Safaricom is spreading itself thin, offering everything from Cellular, data, MPESA, Security, now even TV! What next, a Bank? What was their core business and are they giving customers value for money? Please check on this

Internet Bundles

My internet bundles are going to a waste because the validity is only 30 days.

There is no-rollover or transfer to my other devices allowed, I have 3 Safaricom lines, a laptop, tablet, smartphone. I just cannot use these bundles in my house! Is this how Safaricom put the customer needs 1st? What a waste!

Kindly, kindly address these urgent issues, there is no turning back, good service is not a privilege, It is a must


Jonathan Wachira Munge
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On Nov 14, 2014 11:32 AM, "Jonathan Waciira" <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> wrote:

Good Morning Safaricom team

I wish to make complaint because I am an extremely dissatisfied customer. I am not happy at all with the service level of Safaricom network in Kahawa Wendani area.

I live in some apartments called Emidan Apartments in Matopeni area, the border of Kahawa Wendani and Kahawa Sukari. These apartments are adjacent to the Kahawa Downs Apartments being sold by HFCK.

The network is extremely poor and I have had to move from the 1st floor of the apartments to the 4th floor but the network improvement has been minimal. Often times I work on my laptop at my house and this has been extremely frustrating as the network is unstable.

Exact nature of Safaricoms poor network is as follows

  • Call drops (Voice)
  • Internet connectivity extremely slow or non-existent at all
  • Sms failure on origination

I have complained on various fora, and have interacted with several senior Safaricom staff including some who own property in this area. This is because I am in the real estate industry.

The last registered complaint was

1-6EY1HCD Reference number 9th September 2014

I am not too sure when I see Safaricom proudly displaying astronomical profits whether I should celebrate with you or regret the day I joined your service.

I need a solution and let me alert you that I will not relent on this, I intend to have network quality improved in this area as envisaged by the CCK.

If you do nothing about this let me alert you that I will register this complaint on alternative media and you will not have me to blame.

I simply do not understand how you can be building expensive 4G networks and also a security solution for GOK yet even the basics of call drops and poor data services are not yet covered!

Charity begins at home, Safaricom!

Unhappy Customer

With Regards


Action often precedes the feeling. Zig Ziglar

Jonathan Waciira M

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